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Rob Peregoodoff

902 days ago
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  • access education to underserved populations (refugees, minorities, etc.)
Rob P
  • Potential for major revolution/evolution in formal assessments to move beyond the knowledge and comprehension levels of the cognitive domain
Cheating is anti authoritarian 
Is there a distinct line between cheating and collaboration?  Why do we place so much emphasis on group work/projects/networking within the "learning" phase of a course, then completely remove these skills/relationships for the students when it comes time to (in many cases) assess the largest component of their grade, a 'final exam'?  Could this final exam be both individual and collaborative?  Could (through creative exam design and logistics) students be provided a secure cloud space to look for help during an exam?  Could this be another assessment metric?
  • For me, the natural extension of 'Open' that the internet has brought is, "the possession of knowledge is no longer as important as the skills of acquisition, application, analysis and synthesis of that knowledge in the specific required moment and context".

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